Meet The Owners

Neelam and Neeraj

Entire Universe conspires to unite two people who are meant to be together to create something inspiringly beautiful, so is the case of Neeraj and Neelam and their brainchild Photo Paradise. Neelam along with Neeraj started it with a unique Vision blended it with innovation and immense hard work and trusted the process and hence established a Paradise at Delhi. Both being born and raised in Delhi and completed their education at eminent institutions across Europe perfectly complement each other with their diverse field of work ideas and innovations. Both being avid travellers and intense nature lovers explore places around the Globe and take inspirations from it. This is evident at Photo Paradise which houses some unique sets like “pristine Village atmosphere”, “peppy flavour of the café and city sets”, “Royal palace portraying art from medieval to modern India”, “ Grandeur of European themes” to name a few other. Both of them are in constant mission to innovate new things keeping the original flavour in it. Their motto is “reinvent to remain relevant”. The cordial and warm hearted nature of this couple differentiate them from
others, clients of Photo Paradise come back to express gratitude to this beautiful couple for helping them in securing their memories so passionately and up being good companions for life. As Oscar Wilde said “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist that is all”. Neeraj and Neelam delightfully living their dream in Photo Paradise, the liveliness of the place is
what attracts us more than any other place.